Asbestos removal and demolition Cairns
Asbestos removal and demolition Cairns


Demolition is often misconstrued as being a messy, environmentally damaging process. At ASM Group QLD Pty Ltd we provide a demolition service that is safe, regulated and highly controlled.

With years of experience in demolitions, we can safely remove or demolish any standing or underlying structure, and we have undertaken many demolition jobs for domestic houses and unit complexes, commercial buildings, farming structures as well as public and private schools.

Our demolition crew is highly qualified and well equipped with the latest industry tools and regulations.  As holders of a DM1 demolition licence we are authorised to demolish any type of building or structure.

When approaching a demolition we thoroughly assess the site for variety of factors including:

  • Location of the structure

  • Specifications of the structure

  • Materials used in construction

  • Identification and management strategies of potential hazards on site

  • Assessment of correct demolition technique

  • Efficient method for disposal of waste from demolition

  • Assessment of regulation and legal requirements for specific sites


With a strong emphasis on safety ASM Group QLD Pty Ltd provides the most efficient demolition service available

in Cairns and Far North Queensland.  

Our highly qualified team is able demolish any structure with professionalism and strict adherence to construction regulations.

No job is too large or too small for us

Demolition Cairns
Demolition Cairns
Asbestos removal and demolition Cairns
Asbestos removal and demolition Cairns