DOP Testing



ASM Group QLD Pty Ltd provides certified DOP testing of hazardous dust appliances using a PH-4 digital photometer.  The PH-4 is the worlds most advanced digital aerosol photometer for filter testing, and is the perfect tool for testing HEPA filters to AS1807 Australian standards.


DOP testing is essential to ensure your equipment is operating at the required and maximum efficiency levels (99.995% efficiency requirement).


Test results are verified and recorded, and you will be provided with a HEPA Filter Integrity Test certificate as well as sticker for your machine as proof of testing.  

In conjunction with the DOP test, we will also conduct an Airflow test to make sure that your HEPA filter and support bags are in good condition and not blocked.

Industry standards provide that all Negative Air/Pressure Units and H Class Vacuum cleaners be tested and their HEPA filters inspected on a 6 (six) monthly basis, regardless of their frequency of use.  This is to ensure that the machine is in good working order and meeting all the safety requirements.


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